Vendors should keep proof of shipment for every order. 

We recommend vendors keep receipts or photos of the packages sent, especially when shipping method does not provide tracking details.

If contacted about an order that has not arrived, the vendor will be able to provide proof of shipment (like a tracking number).


How do vendors process a refund?

By logging into their PayPal account, vendors can find for the transaction ID under the Activity tab and follow the prompts to issue the refund


Dispute an order

Payments are processed by PayPal and all sales are covered under the PayPal Buyer Protection policy.

Buyers have the ability to dispute any purchases they do not receive within 180 days of purchase directly via PayPal.

Vendors will receive any disputes in their PayPal account’s Resolution Center.

In the event of a dispute, the vendor will need to provide valid proof of shipment for that order within a few days or PayPal may refund the order in full.